LCC Report on Micromobility

On 2 June, London Cycling Campaign published a research paper titled E-scooters & Cycle Tracks: new LCC report on microbility in which they argued that e-scooters and other micro mobility technologies should be made road-legal according to strict requirements and have access to cycle infrastructure.

Whatever you think about the issue it seems clear that it will have to be addressed – it is like the wild west out there! The fact that it is currently not legal to ride an e-scooter on the road or on the pavement seems to be no deterrent to their adoption. Enforcement appears to be non-existent, as is the case with e-bikes exceeding the 250W power limit.

New DfT regulations came into force on 4 July allowing trials of rental e-scooters. These trials are designed to help understand whether the devices reduce motor traffic, as well as their impacts on safety for their users and others. It will be interesting to see the results but with personal e-scooters appearing everywhere it looks like the horse has already bolted.

One response to “LCC Report on Micromobility

  1. chairwelhatcycling

    I was out cycling in Wheathampstead today. There was a large escooter mixing it with the cars. My biggest concern here is liability in an accident. You can imagine this being used as an excuse to clamp down on uninsured road users, when of course there are thousands of uninsured cars on the road and not enough police to catch them.

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