New Member, 2018 Meetings etc

If you look at the CycleHerts website you may have noticed that it lists a new member organisation. The A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign is an independent campaign to improve cycling conditions along the A10 corridor between Royston and Cambridge.

Not so obvious are the 2018 meeting dates, but if you click on Meetings under Resources you will see that they have been set. The four meetings will all be on Thursdays at 19:30 – please put the following dates in your diary (venues yet to be decided):

  • Thursday 1st February
  • Thursday 19th April (AGM)
  • Thursday 19th July
  • Thursday 25th October

Hertfordshire County Council is consulting on the Local Transport Plan (LTP4).

2018 has been designated Hertfordshire’s first Year of Physical Activity.

On September 19th the Road Danger Reduction Forum, in partnership with West Midlands Police, held a training day on “Policing close passing of cyclists and related behaviours” courtesy of West Midlands Fire Service in Birmingham. Here is a summary of where police forces are with this.

Is your child’s school trying to ban or discourage cycling? Here’s a Cycling UK guide designed to help tackle the sort of barriers that keep cropping up.

Transport for London recently released a report on Understanding and Managing Congestion produced for them by Integrated Transport Planning Ltd. Meanwhile in the Guardian, Will Norman (London’s walking and cycling commissioner) wrote an article about how protected cycle lanes are one of the best ways to reduce congestion in London, carrying up to five times as many people per hour as a main road.

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