Update to “Ownership of Cycle Routes” Document

On our website there is a link to a table showing the body responsible for maintenance of various cycle routes. For the Cole Green Way the table showed “HCC Rights of Way Team” but that turns out to have been incorrect. Bob Fenton at Rights of Way explained that the Cole Green Way is not a recorded public highway or right of way, but the land is within the ownership of HCC and is maintained by the Rural Estates team as a permissive route. In wet weather sections of the route become wet and muddy and Rural Estates is aware of the problem but they do not currently have the money to fix it.

I asked Bob Fenton to review the document for other similar errors and he came up with three corrections:

  • Jersey Lane was listed as “HCC as highway authority” but that is just the tarmac bits, there rest is maintained by the rights of way team.
  • Ayot Greenway (like the Cole Green Way) was listed as “HCC rights of way team” but again it is actually under rural estates.
  • Finally there is Keyfield Terrace in St Albans which was listed as “HCC as highway authority due to right of way being hard surfaced”. Keyfield Terrace itself is public highway so it is maintained by HCC as highway authority. There is an adjacent right of way through the car park but it is just a footpath (St Albans City 19/HCC 67). Since it is not a cycle route Keyfield Terrace was removed from the table.

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